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We are professional in sauage making machines,with ISO9001:2000 & CE certificate.

our factory can supply sausage production line,include Frozen meat cutting machine

,Frozen Meat grinder,Vegetable and meat cutter and mixer

,bowl cutter,meat grinder,meat mixer,meat tumbler,sausage vacuum filling machine,high speed sausage twisiting machine,sausage clipping machine,smokehouse oven,etc.

1 Frozen meat cutting machine–cut the big meat block to small piece
2 Frozen Meat grinder-make the small piece meat to needed pellet
3 Bowl cutter-cut the meat to paste or needed pellets
4 Vegetable and meat cutter and mixer-mixing meat and other material
5 hydraulic sausage stuffer machine-filling the material into casing
6 sausage binding wire machine-sealing or twisting the casing
7 Meat smoking oven-cook sausage or other meat products

Meat sterilization production line


1 meat saline injection machine—Saline injector machine is used salt water, starch, soy protein and accessories to inject fully pickled meat, so the meat tenderizer, soft, improved port bits of meat and meat products increased production rate.
2 vacuum tumbler machine-set the working time of rolling and kneading, interval rolling and kneading time in vacuum state.
3 The Sugar Melting Pot -cook sausage or other meat products
4 Vacuum Packing Machine is suitable for package the meats
5 rotary sterilization pot-is controlled by international advanced manual components. The design of the whole machine is reasonable, It is safe and reliable to operate, the structure is compact, the operation is easy, the maintenance is convenient, and the installation is simple.

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