Automatic egg washing machine advantages

automatic egg washing machine

At present, the egg industry has formed a complete industrial chain. Egg cleaning is a very important step. Most of the egg cleaning work is now processed by machines. Automatic egg washing machine are widely used in various industries of egg production. In addition to egg cleaning, there are also Egg grading, egg coding, and other processes.

The dangers of unclean eggs

Eggs carry many germs if they are not cleaned. This kind of germs will spread during the transportation, sale, and processing of eggs. It is very unclean to put eggs directly into the refrigerator if they are not cleaned. It will contaminate other ingredients in the refrigerator. It is also easy to transmit diseases when eating food. In addition, uncleanness will also lead to short storage time of eggs and easy deterioration.

Why automatic egg washing machine are popular

eggs after cleaning
eggs after cleaning

Salmonellosis refers to the disease caused by different types of Salmonella in humans and animals. Salmonella can survive for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator and 3-4 months in the natural environment. The breeding temperature is 37°C, before cleaning. , Eggs contain a lot of salmonellae, so large supermarkets basically put clean eggs on the shelves. A fully automatic egg washing machine is required.

The advantages of an automatic egg washing machine

automatic egg washing machineautomatic egg washing machine
automatic egg washing machine

The egg washing machine is made of stainless steel plate, which can wash fresh eggs and duck eggs, etc. The machine is corrosion-resistant, reasonable in design, durable, and easy to operate. The egg washing machine has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency. It cleans an average of 30,000 eggs per day, and the production cost is low.

How an egg washer works

egg washing machine
egg washing machine

When cleaning eggs, the whole frame of eggs can be poured into the pool. Since the pool is full of water, the buoyancy of the water ensures that the eggs will not be damaged, and the eggs will fall to the bottom of the pool. The conveyor belt of the egg cleaning machine will transport the eggs to the brush cleaning place. , After cleaning, it will be air-dried and sterilized, so that the eggs can be stored for a longer time. Through the optical inspection system, cracked eggs can be detected and picked out.

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