Can a meat slicer cut frozen meat?

Meat needs to be frozen at a low temperature during the meat and transportation process, and it is impossible to completely thaw the meat during the processing. Can a meat slicer be used to cut frozen meat? The answer is yes, but there are many issues that need attention, Please pay more attention.

What is the temperature range?

Generally, during the freezing process of meat, the temperature is very low and may reach -18°C. If such raw materials are cut directly, it will definitely damage the blade, then we can defrost it slightly, and wait until the temperature reaches the range of 0°C—-7°C. During the processing and production process, the meat slicer will not be damaged, and the meat will not deteriorate.

meat slicer

How does the meat slicer cut out meat rolls?

The mutton slicing machine can quickly cut frozen meat into thin slices or thin meat rolls. The thickness of the flaker can be adjusted, so under what circumstances can meat rolls be cut? When the thickness of the meat slice is below 3mm, it will be rolled. If it is above 3mm, it will be sliced. In addition, the temperature of the meat is also very important. If the temperature of the meat is not low enough, it cannot be rolled, only the temperature. It is only possible within the range of 0—-7°C, so the thickness and temperature of the meat rolls are very important. Then, according to experiments and research, the optimal thickness of meat slices is recommended to be 1.7mm, and at the same time, the temperature of frozen meat should not be too low, otherwise, the cut meat rolls will be particularly easy to break.

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