Chicken feather remover machine in Malaysia

Chicken feather remover machine

The Chicken feather remover machine is delivered to Malaysia. Chicken is an indispensable meat food on the Malaysian table. Chicken is used to make a lot of delicacies. In the process of making chicken, it is quite troublesome to detail the chicken. Our factory has a machine. I bought it in Malaysia very well, I hope I can tell you about it.

Malaysian cuisine

Malaysia has many delicacies that are too chicken. They are generally accepted and loved by everyone, such as Satay, Chicken Rice, Claypot Chicken Rice, etc.

Food Introduction

Satay: Satay is the most popular delicacy in Malaysia. Lamb, beef, and chicken cut into pieces and marinated with spices are skewered with thin bamboo skewers and baked on charcoal fire. Satay is served with rice cake (Ketupat) and lettuce salad with cucumber, pineapple, and onion, and can be eaten with sweet peanut sauce and gravy.

Chicken Rice: There are many patterns, but one of the most popular is Hainanese chicken rice, which is made with tender and juicy chicken and rice cooked in chicken broth, mixed with garlic chili sauce, and added Made from Coriander leaves of shredded cucumber.

Is there a chicken plucking machine?

Maybe many people still don’t know much about it. Is there a machine that can shed hairy chickens? Now everyone at high speeds, the feathering machine is a machine that can help fast shed hairs, especially suitable for some meat processors and chickens. The point, large restaurants, vegetable markets, supermarkets, and other places.

What is the fastest way to remove chicken feathers?

How can the chicken feathers be removed quickly? Of course, the machine will be much faster than the manual operation, and the hair removal is also very clean. In addition, some skills should be paid attention to. Before the chicken hair removal, hot water should be used for blanching, but The blanching temperature should be kept at about 70℃-80℃, not the higher the temperature, the better, if the temperature is too high, it will cause damage to the chicken skin, and the temperature of about 70℃ is enough to fall off the chicken feathers.

How much is a chicken feather remover machine?

There are many models of chicken dehairing machines. The smallest chicken dehairing machine can take off 1-2 times, some can take off about 3, and there are even machines that can take off 10 times at a time. The price of the machine varies with the output. ; In addition, it will be affected by the transportation distance.

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