Commercial meat dicing machine exported to Australia

In commercial meat processing activities, the meat cutting machines often solves the shortcomings of low manual efficiency, uneven dicing, and easy injury. The commercial meat dicing machine has a simple structure and high production efficiency. It specially applies for the dicing fresh and frozen meat. It is widely used in restaurants and meat processing plants. Recently we exported a frozen meat dicing machine to Australia.

Australia's meat processing industry is highly developed

Australia is a country with relatively developed animal husbandry in the world today. It mainly raises sheep and cattle. Affected by the local production structure, the country's meat processing industry has developed rapidly. Australia's meat processing is strictly controlled from the supply of raw materials, to production, processing, and distribution. At the same time, the government supervises the entire link. Because of this, the processing procedures of Australian meat processing plants are also very strict. For meat processing machine, its requirements must also meet food safety and sanitation standards.

Australian meat processed products enjoy a reputation in the world market

Benefiting from the strict supervision of the Australian meat processing system, its meat products are characterized by safety and delicious meat. Therefore, Australian meat products have been widely welcomed by foreign customers. Australia's beef and mutton exports occupy an important position in the world's meat exports. Its main export countries are China, Britain, the United States, Canada and other countries.

Australian meat dicing machine order details

Taizy meat dicing machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials and can cut various sizes of diced meat. And the commercial meat dicer machine adopts all 304 stainless steel, which fully complies with food safety and sanitation standards. Before establishing cooperation with this Australian customer, we have exported meat dicer machine to many countries and received unanimous praise from customers. When the customer found us, we learned that the customer's raw material was frozen beef, and he needed to cut 5m, 7mm, and 8mm diced meat. According to his needs, we recommended this multifunctional frozen meat dicing machine to him. The machine can cutting the other two sizes by changing extra cutting size blades. And the machine adopts the pre-pressure setting to ensure the uniform size of dicing.

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