Commercial meat smoking machine deliver to South Africa

commercial meat smoking machine

The commercial meat smoking machine widely applies to the smoking process of various meats such as sausages, fish, and chicken. It has the functions of coloring, flavoring, and preventing corruption. Therefore, the automatic meat smoking oven has a wide range of applications for the smoking, seasoning, and retention period of meat products. The demand and sales of smoked products drove the demand for meat smoker machine. Recently, Shuliy exported a commercial meat smoking machine to South Africa.

South Africa meat smoking machine order details  

At the end of December, we received an inquiry from a South African customer about a small meat smoking machine. After a brief conversation with the customer, we learned that the customer is a food machinery distributor in South Africa. He has a local customer who needs to buy a smoker to smoke various meat products.

Our sales learned in detail about the needs of end customers through this customer. And recommended to the customer a machine model suitable for the end customer's needs. In mid-January, the customer signed a contract with us for an external meat smoking oven and paid a deposit. During communicating with the South African customer, we explained to the customer in detail the difference between built-in smoke and external smoke.

What is the difference between built-in smoke and external smoke

The smoking machine generally includes two forms: built-in smoke and external smoke. Both machines can provide a certain smoke source for the substances in the smoker. But there is a certain difference between the two smoking method.

The smoking oven adopts a built-in smoking method is generally the small meat smoking equipment. Most people use sugar smoke as a heating source for built-in smoke. The external form of smoking can be used for both large and small meat smoking machines. It is mainly by adding fruitwood particles or sugar as an external heating source for smoking. Therefore, in addition to the machine specifications, it is different for the heating source for the built-in and external smoking.

Reasons why South African customers choose Shuliy meat smoking oven

  • Diverse functions

The meat smoking oven not only has the function of smoking and coloring, it also has the cooking and drying function. And it is widely used in smoking various meat products and bean products.

  • Intelligent control

The machine adopts an intelligent PLC control system, which can realize the free switching and control of multiple functions. The commercial meat smoking machine can also observe the temperature, humidity curve. It also can monitor a diagram of each component and the operating status of each process through the computer. For smoking different materials, it can adjust different stages by adjusting the parameters on the display.

  • Good smoking effect

When communicating with the South African customer, we sent him the video and finished product pictures of our previous customer's smoking work. From the video, the customer can clearly observe the machine working procedure and the final product color.

  • Multiple models and output

As a meat processing machinery manufacturer, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we provide a variety of meat smoking machines. Its production capacity is more than 30kg/h~200kg/h. Therefore, it widely applies to trials, restaurants, food processing plants, etc. The South African end customer finally chose a 250kg/h meat smoker for his small food processing plant.

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