Deliver Food Smoker Machine to Zimbabwe

food smoker machine

What are the food smoker equipment?

With the continuous development of the catering industry nowadays, food not only requires appetite satisfaction but also has a higher pursuit of taste and taste. Smoked food is a very famous process when making meat, which adds a smokey flavor to the meat. Smokers are often used to make sausages, seafood, chicken, and soy products. food smoker machine can help us in production.

food smoker machine
food smoker machine

Can you smoke food in an oven?

Smoked foods are now very popular and have been used in many meat processing processes. Smoke has a certain sterilization and anti-oxidation effect, and it can also extend the shelf life of meat.

What can you smoke for food?

Smoked foods are very common, so what are the foods that can be smoked, mainly sausages, pork, chicken, and some soy products can also be smoked, such as smoked tofu.

The function of the food smoker machine

The food smoker machine has the functions of cooking, drying, baking, and smoking, and coloring. Fumigation refers to the process of fumigating the volatile substances produced by the incomplete combustion of wood. Smoking can improve the color of meat, has a certain anti-bacterial, anti-corrosive and anti-oxidant effect, and can be used to extend the shelf life of meat products.

Customer transaction description

We have successfully signed a contract with a customer in Zimbabwe. The customer is in a food processing business and has also purchased other machines in our company, becoming a long-term cooperative customer. I am very happy to establish a trusting relationship with so many customers.

meat smoking machine customer
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