Fish deboner machine deliver to Malaysia

The fish deboner machine can completely separate the fish meat from the fish bones. It can make use of fish meat greatly. The collected fish meat can be widely used to make fish balls, fish tofu, and other products. Therefore, many customers buy meat harvester to collect fish, shrimp, and other seafood products. Our Malaysia customer purchase a fish deboner machine to pick fish meat to make fish balls.

Malaysia customer orders the fish deboner machine details

This Malaysian customer operates a small meat processing plant. He plans to start a new business and needs a machine to collect fish to make fish balls. After learning that we are a meat processing machine manufacturer, he asked us for the specific details of the fish meat picker. We sent him the machine video and introduced the functions of the machine in detail. After a detailed comparison, the customer finally ordered a meat harvester from us.

Why did the customer order the Shuliy Fish Meat Picker?

  • The fish deboing machine can harvest fish at a great extent

The machine can completely separate fish meat from fish bones, fish tendons, and fish skin. The collected fish meat can be directly used to produce other meat products. It has extremely high utilization efficiency of fish meat and will not waste fish meat.

  • It composes of food grade materials, safe and hygienic

The whole deboner machine adopts food materials, which meet food safety and sanitation standards. The whole process of collecting fish meat carries out in the machine, and there is a special discharge port to accept the separated fish bones and fish meat.

  • The machine is easy to operate and save labor

Only one person can operate the fish deboner machine. Therefore, the machine can save labor while improving production efficiency.

  • It has the characteristics of long life and low maintenance cost

It is also a customer’s concern point for maintenance the machine. The most important part of the machine is the drum for collecting fish meat and the conveyor belt that drives the drum to rotate.

You can disassemble the roller for replacing and cleaning. Moreover, the drum of the fishbone removing machine adopts stainless steel, and the conveyor belt is a polyurethane nylon belt.

How does the meat deboner machine pick meat?

The Malaysian customer inquired in detail how the fish deboner machine picks meat. Although he only needs to place the fish in the feed and the machine can automatically run and separate the fish meat, he still wants to know. We gave him a detailed explanation.

The fish bone remover machine mainly composes rollers, conveyor belts, and transmission devices. The transmission device drives the roller to continuously rotate. Before collecting fish, you need to clean fish first. If the size of the fish is too large, needs to cut fish into small pieces. Then put fish at the feed inlet, and the conveyor belt transports the fish through the drum. The drum and conveyor belt squeeze the fish into the sieve holes of the drum. Therefore, the fish flesh and fish skin are separated. The separated fish meat and fish bones are respectively discharged from the discharge ports on both sides.

After our detailed description of the meat harvester and competitive price. The Malaysian customer finally chose us as his partner.

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