Fish fillet machine sold to Japan

fish fillet machine

Japan’s fish culture can be said to have a long history. It can be traced back more than 10,000 years ago. Japan is among the top countries in the world. This is related to Japan’s geographical environment. Japan is surrounded by the sea and has abundant water resources. , Fish is the most commonly eaten meat.


Sashimi attracts people's attention with its beautiful shape, fresh raw materials, tender taste, and rich seasoning. The most commonly used fish for sashimi are tuna, sea bream, flounder, salmon, etc. In order to ensure the fresh taste and beautiful appearance of the fish, we have an oblique fish slicer to assist in cutting the slices.

Features of fish fillet machine

In order to ensure the freshness of the fish, the speed of cutting fish fillets is very important. The fish fillet machine only needs tens of seconds to complete the production of a fish, and the machine can cut the fish fillets diagonally, which is a simulation of manual fish cutting. The technique of the film. The fish fillet machine can cut a uniform angle, which can be more beautiful when placing the plate.

The oblique fish fillet machine is sold to Japan

The customer of the Japanese fish slicer is a sashimi restaurant. Our professionals introduced the machine in detail and sent the relevant machine details to the customer, and then learned that the customer wanted a machine with a bevel angle of 30°. And the customer said that he has two stores, so he needs to buy two machines and place them in the store. The fish fillet machine sold to Japan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and other countries

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