Food smoking machine introduction

food smoking machine

The food smoking machine is mainly used in some meat processing processes. Smokers have many functions, which can realize functions by cooking, drying, smoking, and coloring food. They are all necessary heating methods in the food processing process. The following is a detailed introduction to the functions of the food smoker

Food smoking machine cooking

The realization requires an external steam generator. The steam generator has three methods: electric heating, gas heating, and gas heating. The generated steam enters the furnace body through the steam pipe to realize the cooking function of the product. Cooking: To achieve cooking, it must be equipped with a steam generator or an industrial boiler. The steam generator can be electric heating, natural gas heating, gas heating (the electric heating power of the steam generator is 18KW, and it is recommended to choose the other two heating methods). The steam is directly passed into the smoker to realize the cooking function.

food smoking machine

Food smoker drying

Electric heating drying: use electricity to heat the electric heating tube, the heating tube will dissipate heat, the motor drives the axial fan to suck the heat back, and then the heat is thrown out by the fan, and the heat passes through the deflector (small) or the deflector (large) ) Circulate in the entire furnace to achieve drying.

Steam heating and drying: steam heats the copper coil (the copper coil does not have any meaning without a steam source). The copper coil radiates heat, and the motor drives the axial flow fan to suck the heat back, and then the axial flow fan throws the heat out, and the heat passes through The deflector (small) or the deflector (large) circulates throughout the furnace to achieve drying (in the process of steam heating the copper coil again, the steam will become condensed water, and the condensed water will be discharged through the trap) .

Meat smoking machine smoked

food smoking machine
food smoker

(1) Built-in smoking: mix the smoking material and sugar according to the appropriate ratio and add the built-in smoking box, set the appropriate smoking time and smoking temperature on the control panel, and heat the smoke through the electric heating tube The material undergoes incomplete combustion, and the axial flow motor drives the fan to drive the fan forward and backward so that the volatile substances produced by the incomplete combustion of the smoke material are evenly dispersed in the furnace, and the food is smoked and colored.

(2) External smoking: The smoking process is similar to the built-in smoking, except that compared to the built-in smoking, external smoking has the advantages of freely controlling the size of the smoke and the smoke concentration, and the smoke enters the smoke through the action of the blower. After the passage, it is filtered before being passed into the furnace body, which greatly reduces the content of the 3 and 4-phenylpropane ratio in the smoke. When the salmon is cold-smoked, the temperature in the furnace is driven by the compressor to reach the effect of 0-30 ℃, and the smoking chamber smokes normally.

In addition, it is worth noting that smoked wood is generally more wood, and some areas also use rice bran, tea, etc., or use traditional Chinese medicine, tangerine peel, etc. The high resin content of pine, elm, and peach, and apricot will produce black smoke; persimmon and mulberry produce peculiar smells, which is not suitable for smoked wood.

The internal structure of the food smoker
The internal structure of the food smoker

Food smoking machine coloring

The smoking process is colored at the same time. If you want to smoke it into light yellow, use sawdust and add white sugar, and smoke it into brown with sawdust and brown sugar. The depth of the color can be determined according to the sugar content. Food smoking machine is good at coloring food.

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