How about fish fillet machine for salmon

Why you need to use fish fillet machine for salmon

Fish fillet machine for salmon is a very good assistant for slicing.First, Use manual labor to perform a large number of such operations in restaurants. Not only does the chef have high technical requirements, but also employer needs to bear lots of labor costs. Secondly, poor handling of fish fillets will have a greater impact on the taste, especially salmon, which is generally used to make sashimi, so whether the thickness of the fish fillets is uniform and appearance is beautiful is all Critical. If you use salmon slices, you can solve many problems. First of all, the salmon slicer machine can reduce labor costs ; then, the salmon slicer can perfectly process the ingredients, cut the fish fillets into thin and uniform fish fillets and can quickly become fish fillets to ensure the taste of the fish fillets. In this way, is the fish fillet machine worth trying?

Hand-cut salmon

Hand-cut salmon

Features of salmon slicer

The fish filet machine for salmon uses the principle of simulating manual oblique cutting into slices. It is very convenient and quick to use the salmon slicer. The fish cutting machine is made of stainless steel. The place where the food is in contact is made of 304 stainless steel, which is safer and more wear-resistant. Food hygiene standards; simple operation, easy to learn, high working efficiency of the fish cutting machine, sharp and fast cutting, no loss to the fish body, presented as a fish prototype, easy to plate; the fish fillet machine is convenient to move, and it has a small footprint. It can be easily dragged out when in use, which meets the demand of easy movement; the fish slicing machine can replace parts to meet the demand for cutting fish of different thicknesses.

fish fillet machine for salmon
fish fillet machine for salmon

Fish slicer are a meat processing helper

There are many types of salmon slicers that can cut. First of all, some commonly eaten fish. For fresh fish and micro-frozen fish, they can be easily processed, such as grass carp, black carp, carp and dragon fish, salmon and so on. In addition, if necessary, other types of meat can also be cut into thin slices, such as pork, beef, and lamb.

fish slicer machine effect
fish slicer machine effect

What is the working principle of fish fillet machine for salmon

The slicer is suitable for cutting boneless meat, fresh meat or slightly frozen meat. Use a slicer to cut the surface sharply, and cut the food according to the required thickness and size. The fish fillet machine for salmon is composed of a cutter head, a casing, a feeding trough, and a rotating device.

The blade of the fish fillet machine

The blade of the fish fillet machine

Pay attention to the fish fillet machine maintenance

fish fillet machine for salmon results
fish fillet machine for salmon results

For food processing machines, one thing that must be paid attention to is the maintenance and cleaning of the fish slicer machine. So what is the correct way to proceed?

1. Clean the machine immediately after each use. At this time, there is no bacteria breeding, and it is easier to clean.

2. Before cleaning and maintenance, the equipment must be cut off from the power supply.

3. Before work, check whether the machine is idling for abnormal noise, if any, find the cause and eliminate it immediately.

4. Never stretch your hands into the inside of the machine when the equipment is running to prevent accidents.

5. Pay attention to keeping a certain distance between the hand and the knife set when feeding

Fish fillet machine

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