How about sausage making process?

sausage production process

Sausage has a bright color and good taste. It breaks through the age limit and has a wide customer base. How to produce sausages on a commercial scale? Which sausage making machines are included in the sausage making process?

Sausage making process

The sausage production steps roughly include the following steps: grinding meat, cutting meat, meat mixing, sausage filling, tying, smoking, packaging

  • Grinding meat The step is to stir a whole piece of pork into small diameter strips. If your ingredients are small pieces of meat, please ignore this step.
  • Cutting meat This step is to cut the meat into a puree, and it is better filling into the animal casing.
  • Stuffing Put the cutting meat and seasoning into the stuffing machine and stir to get a better taste. It is best to use the vacuum stuffing machine to make the seasoning fully enter the meat puree.
  • Enema  It usually uses a professional sausage filling machine. Professional sausage filling machines can fill meat into casings at a fixed amount, and it will tie a knot to a certain length of the square.
  • Tying This step is convenient for the next step smoking, it is better to tie at a certain length.
sausage production plant
sausage production plant
  • Smoking It is an important step in sausage production, it directly determines the color and flavor of the sausage. Tied sausages obtain a bright color through steaming, drying, smoking. The sausage usually gets color by smoking, it can obtain different smoke colors by changing different smoking materials.
  • Packaging In order to facilitate transportation and storage, it usually packs sausages with a vacuum packaging machine.

Through above steps, you can get delicious smoked sausage.

The commercial sausage production process

Commercially, sausage production needs to complete by sausage making machines. For small sausage production line, it needs the following machines:

Meat grinder, beater/chopping machine, vacuum stuffing machine, sausage stuffing machine, wire tie machine, smoker (can realize cooking, drying, smoking, coloring), vacuum packaging machine, pasteurization line.

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