How about the bone crushing machine price

The bone crushing machine has a powerful crushing ability and is widely used for crushing animal bones and various hard materials. It has a beautiful appearance and wear-resistant stainless steel material. And the crushing blade of the machine is specially optimized, which makes the animal bone crusher durable. So what about the powerful bone crushing machine price?

Influencing factors of bone crushing machine price

The bone crushing machine price is affected by many factors. For example, the material of the machine, the output, the number of blades, the number of screens, etc.

  • Machine material

In the food machinery industry, the material of the machine is the most important factor affecting the price of the machine. For different materials, the price of the machine varies greatly. In order to reduce machine manufacturing costs, many manufacturers use carbon steel or other materials to make bone crushing machines. The bone crusher machine provided by Shuliy adopts all stainless steel for food machines.

  • Output

The output of the machine is another factor that affects the price of the machine. In order to meet the needs of most customers, we provide bone breakers with a variety of output. It has a different price for different output machine.

  • Number of blades

The blade of the bone breaking machine adopts a special treatment. Its material is alloy carbon steel, which has a hard hardness, and it can be sharpened many times. It can be used for a long time. Nevertheless, for the convenience of future use, some customers will choose to purchase several replacement blades

  • The number of screens

The crushing fineness of the bone crusher is determined by the distance between the blades and the mesh fineness of the screen. And we can customize the fineness of the screen according to customer requirements. Therefore, you can get different fineness bone meal by changing the mesh of different fineness.

Application of bone crusher machine

The bone crushing machine is especially suitable for crushing the bones of large animals such as dry and fresh beef bones, pig bones, donkey bones, etc. Its crushing range is 5-80mm. The crushed bone meal has a uniform size. Bone meal can be widely used as food additives or raw materials for sausages, quick-frozen foods, and bone broth. The machine can be applied to restaurants, frozen food processing plants, meat processing plants, slaughterhouses and other places.

Features of bone crushing machine

The bone crushing machine is not only suitable for crushing animal bones, but it is also suitable for grinding hard materials in other industries. And the tools of the bone crusher are heat treated with special alloy steel. Therefore, it can be milled multiple times so that the machine can be used for a longer time. The bone crushing machine designed by Shuliy not only adopts a unique design in appearance, but also adopts fine processing inside the machine. The hopper of the bone crusher is soundproofed to reduce noise during production. And the machine equips with an overcurrent protection device. Once the current exceeds a certain value, it will stop working immediately to protect the safety of the operator.

The above has introduced several important factors that affect the bone crushing machine price. If you want to buy a bone breaking machine, please communicate with our sales staff in detail and tell us your application materials and fineness. We will introduce suitable machines for you according to your needs.

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