How does a fish dryer work?

Fish drying is actually very common in the seafood market. Home-made dried fish can be dried directly in the sun, but you have to wait for good weather. This method is greatly affected by the weather. For factories, the requirements for factory-made fish High efficiency, you can't wait for the sun to dry slowly. Therefore, industrial fish dryer are generally used to dry fresh fish. Dry fish dryers are industrial machinery and equipment used to dry dried fish.

fish dryer
fish dryer

The composition of the fish dryer

The structure of the dried fish dryer is mainly composed of four parts: a heat pump dryer heating dehumidification unit, a heat preservation box component, a hot air circulation component, and an intelligent control component.

Drying fish with a dryer can not only save time and cost, but also meet environmental protection requirements. During the drying process, energy consumption is low, the surface of the fish is heated evenly, and the color is beautiful.

The principle of dried fish drying machine

The compressor works to drive the heat transfer medium ,in the pipeline to absorb the heat in the external environment. During the compression process, the gas becomes a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and the heat is released into the drying room through the heat exchange device to dry the fish. Drying treatment; at the same time, and the heat is released into the drying room through the heat exchange device to dry the fish.

 electric dryer
electric dryer

What can the dryer dry

In addition to drying fish and other meats, the dryer can also dry some fruits to make dried fruits. In addition, it can also dry some flowers, such as chrysanthemum and tea products. The dryer is widely used in the production process of food, and the dryer can also be used in the processing of vegetables and other foods.

Tips for using a dried fish dryer

If you master some small skills during the use of the fish dryer.The quality of dried fish will be better.

chill drying
chill drying

1. It is not easy to start the drying temperature too high, generally around 30-50℃, the temperature is adjustable, The drying time can also be adjusted, because high temperature affects the quality after drying.

2. Fresh fish generally have relatively large water content. In addition, there are fats and oils in the fish, which make dehydration difficult, so controlling the dehydration speed is very important.

3. The color of dried fish after drying is very important ,so that the dryer can maintain the gloss of dried fish.

4.Keep ventilation during the drying process to ensure that water vapor can evaporate.

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