How to cut fish into diagonal fillets

diagonal fish fillets

The fish fillet cutting machine can cut the whole piece of fish into evenly thick slices. And it can cut the fish from various angles. Put the fish into the machine, it only takes a few seconds, it becomes small slices. How does it cut a whole piece of fish into pieces? How do you cut the fish into diagonal slices?

Slicing principle of fish fillet cutting machine

fish fillet machine
fish fillet machine

First, we need to learn more about the slicing principle for the cutting machine. It mainly imitates people to cut fish fillets by hand, It composes of a propulsion device and a cutting knife set. The cutting knife set consists of 50-80 blades, they are evenly arranged inside the machine. After placing the fish on the machine, the propulsion device will push the fish to gradually contact with the knife set. Since the knife set is arranged horizontally, the knife set can cut the whole piece of fish into pieces. The gap between the knife sets determines the thickness of the sliced fish. Therefore, you can customize the gap between the knife sets to determine the fish fillet thickness.

How to cut diagonal fillets

fish fillet slicing effect
fish fillet slicing effect

After we know about the slicing principle, we must know how to cut whole fish into slices. But how can we cut fish into diagonal fillets?

The inclination angle of the blade can control the inclination of the sliced fish. The smaller the angle of inclination, the larger the sliced fish fillet. The angle of inclination of the blade is fixed. If you need different angles or multiple angles, we can customize it according to your needs.

Precautions when cutting fish slices

cutting fish slices
cutting fish slices

This fish fillet cutting machine is suitable for cutting grass carp, salmon, salmon, tilapia, carp and other types of fish.

When cutting fish, you should clean, scale fishes and remove bones first, and then can put it on the machine. Because the blades of this machine are very sharp. Therefore, you should use certain tools when placing and removing the fish to avoid harm to the human body. When the machine is running, do not reach into the inside of the machine.

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