How to Prevent the Meat Grinder from Rusting?

The meat grinder is a machine for meat processing enterprises to process the raw meat in different sizes according to different processing requirements. It is widely used in making sausages, ham, luncheon meat, meatballs, pet food and other meat products . Made of stainless steel, it has no pollution to processed materials and meets food hygiene standards. The tool is specially heat treated, with excellent wear resistance and long service life.

The meat grinder is easy to operate, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, and has a wide range of processed products. After processing the material, it can maintain original nutrients well and has a good preservation effect. The tools can be adjusted or replaced at will . After assembling or changing the reamer, the tightening nut must be tightened to ensure that the grid does not move. Otherwise, due to the relative movements between the grids  and the rotation of the reamers, it will also affect the material to refine. The reamer must be closely attached to the grid, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency. The screw feeder rotates in the machine wall to prevent the spiral surface from colliding with the machine wall. If it touches slightly, it will damage the machine immediately. However, their clearance can not be too large, too much influence the feeding efficiency and extrusion force, and even make the material flow back from the gap, so the processing and installation requirements of this part are higher.

Generally, metal iron products are rusted, and the rust can be removed by physical means. However, if the surface of the iron product is not flat, it is more difficult to use physical methods. For the inside of the meat grinder is a spiral, we can this method to remove the rust.Stir well with fine sand and yellow mud, place in a meat grinder for mixing, and let the fine sand and yellow mud remove the rust from the meat grinder. But be sure to pay attention not to install the blade, otherwise the blade will be broken.

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