How to Purchase a Frozen Meat Cutting Machine?

Frozen meat cutting machine is also called frozen meat slicer . The name of the meat slicer is different in many areas, showing how wide the application range is. As the market demand continues to increase, the brands of frozen meat cutting machine is also very complicated . So the purchase work is particularly important. This article recommends several purchase methods.

  1. The blade quality . The quality of the blade determines the service life and slicing speed . There are two types of blades: imported and domestic. The quality of imported blades is better than that of domestic blades, but the price is expensive. Combine with other factors such as services and choose the affordable one .
  2. The number of compressors . Frozen meat cutting machine has a single motor and dual-motor . One of the dual motor is cutting meat, pushing meat is driven by another dual-motor . The single motor has two functions , and its power is bigger than the dual-motor . The motor of a good frozen meat cutting machine is stainless steel, and the bad one may be plastic.
  3. The blade operation mode. Most of them use the structural element to rotate a single blade, the circular saw card meat will appear to automatically slide down, and some of the quality of the slicer uses a chain to drive the blade to rotate, the worm and worm drive the output The design is more humane.


In the comprehensive text, we can learn about the methods of purchasing frozen meat cutting machine, and it is helpful for everyone's operation in real life. When purchasing equipment, be sure to purchase according to the points explained in the article.

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