Industrial fish scaler machine for sale

industrial fish scaler machine

For fish sales markets, meat processing plants, restaurants, and other places, they need to scale large quantities of fish. However, manual removal of fish scales is inefficient. Therefore, it needs an industrial fish scaler to remove scales. The industrial fish scaler machine can uniformly descale different species of fish. It has the characteristics of large output, easy operation, and wide application range, so it is widely welcomed by our customers.

What are the types of fish scaler machine

Shuliy provides three types of fish descaling machines. One is a machine for descaling all kinds of fish. One is a machine designed specifically for small fish descaling. Another has the function of removing fish scales and internal organs.

The first two fish scaler machines can carry out large batches of fish descaling. While removing fish scales, it can also achieve the function of cleaning fish scales. Therefore, you can get clean scaled fish by the industrial fish descaler machine. Both of these two fish descaling machines use motors to drive the machine to continuously rotate. So the descaling part of the machine fully contacts and rubs with the fish to achieve the effect of descaling. They are all suitable for removing scales of all kinds of fish.

fish scaling and gutting machine
fish scaling and gutting machine

The third type of scale removal machine can automatically remove scales and internal organs. But compared to the first two machines, it is not suitable for processing large batches of fish. It can only handle one fish at a time. Similarly, it can also be used to clean up all kinds of fish.

How is the industrial fish scaler machine work?

No matter which kind of fish descaling machine, they have a similar working principle. They all use one smart control screen for operation. When working, first connect the water pipe to the machine. Turn on the machine, let the machine idling, and then fill with water. Place the fish in the machine and close the lid. Then the fish will rotate with the machine inside the machine.

Since the industrial fish scaler machine contains a brush inside, the brush touches the outside of the fish when it rotates. The friction generated by the two causes the brush to scrape off the scales on the surface of the fish. While removing fish scales, water has been flowing inside the machine, so it can clean up fish scales at the same time.

The fish scale remover machine can effectively remove fish scales. At the same time, it will not damage the fish skin. Therefore, the industrial scaler machine has powerful functions and is welcomed by many customers.

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