Industrial Food Drying Machine in Nigeria

food drying machine

We just signed a contract with a Nigerian customer in September. What the customer needs is a food drying machine. After we understand that the customer wants to dry fish, so need a fish drying machine, after the professional sales manager communicates with the customer, our machine can just meet the customer demand. So the contract was signed after negotiation.

Connect through the website

The customer saw our website in the process of looking for the machine, and then left a message on the website, and then we contacted the Nigerian customer through the contact information left by the customer and learned through the conversation that the customer wanted to conduct fish drying Because the customer's fish production volume is relatively large, we recommend that the customer use a two-door dryer, that is, a double-door dryer.

food dried machine
food dried machine

Food drying machine customer needs

Nigerian dryers require customers to import other types of machines before, so the customer is basically aware of the procedures in the first write procedure, but when it comes to the delivery date, the customer has a clearer time and wants to be on October 2 Before the 15th, I received the machine. The customer said that this time because he received an order, the business volume suddenly increased, so he needed the machine urgently. However, because our inventory is all smaller dryers, we need the factory to produce according to the order. The time is relatively urgent. Through communication with the factory, we found that we can meet customer needs, so we signed the contract smoothly.

Different specifications and models of food drying machine

food dried machine
food dried machine

Due to the difference in drying materials and the number of raw materials, different sizes of dryer models are required, such as the drying of fish and seafood, the quantity is relatively large, we will recommend customers to buy a two-door dryer, But some customers use it in their own shops, such as drying some fruits, they can buy a smaller dryer

The scope of application of the food drying machine

This dryer is a general-purpose dryer because the temperature can be adjusted, most raw materials can be dehydrated and dried. Such as making beef jerky, fish drying, fruit drying, nut drying, you can use this machine

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