Intelligent fish smoking machine for sale in Nigeria

fish smoking machine in Nigeria

Smoked fish is a product obtained by processing fish using a special smoking technique. The smoked fish not only retains the unique nutrients and taste of the fish itself but also adds a light smokey taste. Modern smoked fish usually use a commercial fish smoking machine to smoke large quantities of fish. And the intelligent machine can not only realize the function of smoke coloring but also realize the function of anti-corrosion and remove the fishy smell. Therefore, the industrial fish smoking machine is widely used in smoking various meat products.

Nigerian Fishery Development Status

Nigeria is located in the west of Africa, and its unique geographical location allows Nigeria to have abundant precipitation. And Nigeria is also a country with more rivers in Africa. These conditions make most areas of Nigeria have the basic conditions for breeding. According to the survey, fish also occupies an important position in the family diet in Nigeria. In Nigeria, the annual human consumption of fish is 13.3 kg, which accounts for 40% of the country's protein intake. Therefore, Nigeria’s natural conditions and huge market demand have enhanced Nigeria’s fish farming.

smoking fish
smoking fish

The situation of the Smoked Fish Market in Nigeria

The fish production of Nigeria’s fisheries sector has increased year by year. But it also faces a situation where fishermen sell fish at low prices. Moreover, it also causes fish loss because of untimely selling when caught large amounts of fish. Most fishermen take a simple drying fish in the open-air market of the fish market. But the dried fish gets a lower price. The smoked fish gets a higher price than the dried fish.

The smoked fish is no longer subject to the time limit, and has a rich taste, and has a rich market at home and abroad. Therefore, in order to realize the huge income from the export of smoked fish, many local fishery departments in Nigeria have worked with the government to formulate relevant policies to promote the trade of smoked fish.

How to use the commercial fish smoking machine to smoke fish?

The industrial fish smoking machine is mainly composed of a furnace body, heating system, circulating air system, smoking system, and electric control system.

Furnace body: The furnace body is a concrete space for smoked fish. All parts and outer walls of the furnace body adopts stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant.

Heating system: The heating system can generate water vapor to directly heat the products in the furnace.

Circulating air system:  It installs the two-speed electric fan at the top of the meat smoking machine. The fan ensures uniform temperature and stable and reliable product quality.

Smoking system: Depending on the structure of the machine, the industrial fish smoking machine has a built-in smoking system and an external smoking system. The smoke emitted by the smoking system will pass through the pipe and enter the smoker to smoke the fish.

commercial fish smoking machine
commercial fish smoking machine

When using the commercial fish smoking machine to smoke fish, first check whether there is any foreign matter in the furnace. After checking that there is no foreign matter, turn on the fan switch to confirm that the motor is running in a clockwise direction. Combine smoke in the smoke chamber and set various parameters of machine operation. After setting the parameters, push the cart with the fish hung into the smoker to smoke the program. After smoking, the machine will automatically stop the program and sound an alarm to remind.

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