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Lamb Cutting and Rolling Machine|Meat Cutter

The lamb cutting and rolling machine can cut frozen meat into rolls, and can make mutton rolls, beef rolls, pork rolls, etc. Meat with a temperature of 1-8 degrees below zero can directly process into rolls without thawing,and the cut meat rolls are guaranteed to be complete. The lamb cutting and rolling machine has multiple functions,however not only can cut meat into rolls, but also into slices, At the same time, The machine can handle all kinds of innocent meat. The roll cutting machine can widely use in restaurants, supermarkets, and food processing plants.

Lamb Cutting and Rolling Machine

The principle of lamb chunks turning into rolls:

The mutton cutting and rolling machine can quickly cut the lumpy frozen meat into thin slices and thin meat rolls. The thickness can be adjusted,In addition,When the thickness of the meat is below 3mm, it is roll-shaped. If it is more than 3mm, it will be sliced. On the other hand, the temperature of the meat is also very important. If the temperature of the meat is not low enough, Only the temperature is within the range of 0 — -7℃, otherwise it cannot be rolled. So temperature and thickness are the decisive factors. Then, according to experiments and research, the optimal thickness of meat slices is recommended to be 1.7mm, and at the same time, the temperature of frozen meat should not be too low, otherwise it will cause the cut meat rolls to be particularly easy to break.

Lamb Cutting and Rolling Machine

Lamb cutting and rolling machine structure:

The lamb rolling machine is mainly composed of a meat loading table, a top meat rod, a stainless steel knife set, and a control screen. The cutting and rolling machine has a reasonable structure and a sharp blade. When cutting meat, the mutton needs to be stuck on the fixed groove, then, The push rod at the back will push the meat forward, the blade cuts at a constant speed, and the meat is cut into thin and uniform meat rolls. The fast cut roll can ensure that the machine meat rolls are well formed and not easy to break. In addition, the meat slicer has beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Meat roll cutting machine  advantage:

meat slicer control panel

1.The meat slicer is clean and hygienic and easy to clean

2.The shell and blade are made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable, not easy to rust

3.The thickness of the product is uniform, and the machine work efficiency is high

4.Large screen control panel, more controllable

Machine parameters (take six volumes as an example)

We can also provide two-volume, four-volume, six-volume, and eight-volume machines. And the eight-roll machine has the highest working efficiency and can produce the highest output, which is suitable for larger food processing plants. So you can purchase machines according to your own production needs.

6-roll lamb cutting and rolling machine

Material: 304 stainless steel

Voltage: Three-phase 415v

Number of cut rolls: 6 rolls

Cutting height: 20cm

Cutting roll width: 4-6cm

Maximum cutting length: 600mm

Dimensions: 1200*1050*1300mm

Power: 3.0/kw

Knife speed: 50/min

Output: 200-260kg/hour

Slice thickness: 0.5-100mm

Machine weight: 450kg; 1810*1180*1560;

Meat Roll Cutting Cachine Precautions:

meat roll cutting machine

1.When cutting meat, the temperature of the meat should be moderate. Excessively hard meat will add damage to the blade

2.The bones need to be taken out when cutting meat slices and meat rolls

3.Pay attention to cleaning and daily maintenance after use

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