Meat cutting mixer machine to make meatballs

making meatballs

In the process of processing meatballs, the quality of the meat filling in the meatballs determines the taste of the meatballs. Using a meat cutting mixer machine to process the meatballs not only improves the efficiency but also makes the taste of the meatballs more elastic. Good meatballs are great in flavor, color, and texture, and tools are very important in the processing process. The chopper is mainly used in the raw material preparation process of meatballs.

Process of meatballs

Commercial meatball processing mainly includes four processes, meat segmentation and cleaning → material crushing treatment → forming → quick freezing. The processing of meatballs is a relatively simple process, but some processes can be time-consuming if processed without a machine. Such as the meat grinding process and the meatball forming process.

Raw materials for meatballs
Raw materials for meatballs

Meatball raw material processing

The raw materials of meatballs mainly include the processing of meat, as well as the processing of some seasonings. The meat needs to be divided first, and the purpose of the division is to facilitate the next step of breaking. Blanching is then required to remove residual blood and fat from the surface of the meat. But it is worth noting that the temperature of the water should not be too high when blanching. Too high a water temperature can cause the meat to lose its original flavor.

Meat cutting mixer machine for meat crushing

The meat cutting mixer machine can quickly mince the meat, and some seasonings such as salt, ginger, and green onions can be added during the mincing process. Seasoning can also be done while the meat is being ground. If you are afraid that the temperature increase will affect the taste while grounding the meat, you can add some crushed ice to make the meatballs more elastic. The temperature is generally controlled below 10°C, and the minced meat particles are preferably 4-5mm.

Meatball machine for forming

Processing through the meatball machine can automatically form the meatballs. The meatball machine is called processing through the principle of extrusion and cutting. The formed meatballs can be directly put into warm water, and then quickly frozen and packaged, or they can be directly fried and then processed. For sale, frozen balls can be stored for a long time and are also easy to transport.

meatball machine
meatball machine

The use of a meat cutting mixer machine

The meat cutting mixer can not only be used to produce meatballs, but also sausages, fish tofu, and other products. The machine is simple and easy to clean. The material of the chopper is stainless steel, which is durable.

The function of the meat cutting mixer machine

The meat cutting mixer machine can process meat as well as vegetables, such as onions, peppers, garlic, cabbage, etc. And the machine is divided into two types, one is a high-frequency chopper and the other is a variable frequency chopper. The frequency conversion chopper has a larger capacity. Meat can be cut into cubes, cubes, or mashed by machine processing.

Meat and vegetable cutting machine
Meat and vegetable cutting

The advantages of the meat cutting mixer machine

1. Cutting mixer machine is made of stainless steel, with a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and easy cleaning.

2. The main components are processed by the machining center to ensure machining accuracy.

3. The blade is sharp and durable, the high-speed operation is stable, and the material is mixed and emulsified well.

4. Imported bearings are selected; the motor conforms to the European standard and has a strong anti-overload capability.

5. The speed reaches 4500 rpm, which can greatly improve the emulsification effect, make the product yield higher, and the effect better.

6. The gap between the knife tip and the chopping pot is less than 1.5mm.

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