Principles of Selection of Vacuum Packaging Machine

There are a wide variety of vacuum packaging machines, and the following factors should be considered when selecting.

  • Packing speed.In order to improve production efficiency, you can choose two or more chamber vacuum packaging machines to improve overall production progress.
  • Whether the packaging needs to be filled with other protective gas or not. A multi function vacuum packer with an inflator is available.
  • Vacuum requirements for packaged goods. If the packaging material needs to be preserved under high vacuum conditions, a chamber vacuum packaging machine should be used.
  • The status of the packaged articles are important to choose the vacuum packaging machine.When purchased, aluminum alloy materials can be used to package dry, non-corrosive materials such as solids and granules. For soups, high-salt and high-acid materials, stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium alloys can be used. Silicone rubber and black rubber are commonly used seals, while foamed rubber is used in a few low-end products. Silicone rubber has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance and long service life; foam rubber has poor sealing performance, easy to fall off and short service life.

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