Provide automatic fish scale remover machine

The automatic fish scale remover machine efficiently and quickly helps to remove the scales and solves the difficulty of removing the scales in large quantities. For factories, restaurants, and fish merchants, it is very troublesome if all manual operations are performed. Using the automatic fish scale remover machine will save Cost, improve work efficiency. We can provide a fully automatic scale removal machine to help remove scales quickly and efficiently. The scale remover machine can not only remove a large number of scales, but also remove many pieces at a time. Moreover, the removed fish scales can be collected together to prevent the working environment from being particularly dirty. In addition, there are many types of machines, which can be selected according to their own needs.

manually remove the scales
manually remove the scales

Why do you remove fish scales?

When eating fish, most of them choose to remove the fish scales. This is because to remove the fishy smell, most of the fishy fish come from the scales. The scales are very hard and will not be rotten even when they are cooked, so most of them will choose to remove them. The fish scale itself is also very nutritious. It can be deep-fried and boiled in soup. After cooling, it becomes a fish scale jelly, which is also a delicacy.

After removing the scales
After removing the scales

Different types of automatic fish scale remover machine

There are three types of scale removal machines,There are scale removal machines for larger fish and smaller fish, and the other is capable of removing scales and internal organs:

The first type of scale removal machine for large fish:

Automatic fish scaling machine can remove the scales of larger fish. The inside of the machine is in contact with the scales by a brush, so that the structure can prevent damage to the fish when removing the scales and ensure the fish itself is intact. Secondly,scale removal machine for large fish is composed of water inlet, water outlet and control panel. When working, first connect the water pipe to the water inlet. After filling with water, cover the lid and start it through the control panel of the descaler .the machine starts to run, the numbers inside the machine start to rotate continuously to remove the fish scales, the machine can be timed, and the time can be set according to the condition of the fish. The machine has a fish outlet,When the fish stops rotating, the fish will be removed. Take it out from the fish outlet.

automatic fish scale remover machine
automatic fish scale remover machine

The second type of scale removal machine for small fish: 

This type of machine can remove the scales of small fish. This machine is suitable for removing a large number of small fish scales. The structure of this machine is composed of a five-sided sieve. When the machine is turned on, the machine starts to rotate continuously, and the machine's sieve starts to continuously collide with the fish, so that the fish scales leak from the small holes of the sieve to achieve the purpose of removing the fish scales.

The third type is fish scaling and gutting machine:

first, the machine can remove fish scales, second, it can also open the fish maw, remove the fish’s internal organs, and clean the fish body. This type of fish scale removal machine works, We only need to put the fish into the machine. At the same time, it is worth noting that when placing the fish, the belly of the fish should be facing up. The operation is very simple and easy to operate.It is worth noting that this type of machine requires auxiliary labor to slowly put the fish into the machine for processing.

The time it takes for remove fish scale in batch

Manual descaling takes a lot of time, and the work efficiency is very low. The scale removal machine is very efficient to help us remove the scales, So how long does it take to remove how many scales? The time is different. We use timing to control the working hours of the machine.When used, it can be increased or decreased according to the amount of fish added and the specific situation.

automatic fish scale remover machine
automatic fish scale remover machine

Demonstration of the effect of automatic fish scale remover machine

Fish scale machine removal of fish scales can achieve very good results. While removing fish scales, it can ensure that the fish remains intact. It can avoid some disadvantages of manual removal of fish scales. For example, manual removal of fish scales may cause damage to the fish body, low efficiency and unclean removal, but also very tired. Using the fish scaling machine is very good to help us solve the problem.

remove fish in batch

Material of the automatic fish scale remover machine

The material of the machine is made of stainless steel, which makes it more convenient for us to clean, and it will not rust after long-term cleaning. This material is durable and safe, and can meet safety standards.Able to meet safety standards, fully automatic machines are more worry-free, and can efficiently help us remove fish scales.All in all, it is a machine worth trying

Carbon steel material

Some precautions for the fish scaling machine

1. The machine is strictly prohibited from idling for a long time,

2. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to go deep into the machine

3. Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine, such as oiling the machine and cleaning the machine after use.

4. The internal structure of the machine is complicated, please do not disassemble it privately.

Other machines for fish processing

The scale removal machine is a very practical and efficient machine used in the early stage. If additional processing of the fish is required in the subsequent processing process, you can also contact us. We also have fish slicing machine, fish drying machine and so on.

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