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Most of the traditional smoking ovens are built-in smoke.Nowadays, the new smoking oven has been improved several times on the basis of the original smoking oven. The external smoke room adds isolation protection. The cooked food smoker prevents the benzene in the smoke from being attached through the smoke pipe. For the food, it can effectively prevent the entry of toxic components and play a better role in isolation.

The advantages of the smoking oven are that it can make different tastes and flavors of dried beans, dried meat, meat chop, chicken legs and other foods according to the needs of customers, and can keep the temperature and color of each furnace consistent with evenly colored. The food does not contain carcinogens such as benzopyrene .The spices are made from natural plants and has good flavor and antiseptic effect. They are mainly used to make various smoky flavored meat products, fish, soy products, bacon, sausage, meat, dried meat, pork leg .

The use of smoked flavored liquids to smoke food is widely used  in the world's smoked food industry and is regarded as promising . The utility model has the advantages that the benzopyrene-free carcinogen is not contained, and the smoked food is safe and reliable; the investment in the plant and equipment can be greatly reduced; the mechanization, electrification and continuous production operation can be realized, and the production efficiency is greatly improved; The production process is simple, the meat product processing fumigation furnace factory direct operation is convenient, the smoking time is short, the labor intensity is low, the environment is not polluted, and the product is used for antisepsis, preservation and quality assurance.

Our company is equipped with a number of technically comprehensive engineering personnel on-site service to solve technical problems for customers . The company provides a full set of installation and commissioning . High-quality after-sales service originates from the enterprise . Our company always takes "quality-oriented, service-oriented" as its corporate tenet . As long as you order our products, no matter where you are, we will help you solve the problem in the shortest time. Your satisfaction is our promise!


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