Sanitary Disinfection and Microbial Control in Meat Products Workshop









Equipment cleaning and disinfection:

Clean water (hot water) brushing → cleaning agent cleaning → water washing → 75% alcohol or 150-200ppm sodium hypochlorite solution for 30 minutes → rinse with water.

  1. Scrub meat grinder, blender, tumbler, chopping machine, injection machine, enema machine, ligation machine, etc., at least once a day, disinfect them every Monday ,Wednesday,Friday. When producing different productions , each time you should scrub the machine.After  using meat saline injection machine , pull out the injection needles, scrub them one by one, and blow them with compressed air, soak them in disinfectant water, rinse them clean before use, and guard against needle blockage.

2.When the equipment fails and needs to be repaired, if the repair time exceeds 30 minutes, the meat is discharged to other machines for production (the temperature is reduced when it cannot be produced); the internal maintenance of the equipment must be disinfected before use.

Tools Cleaning and disinfection:

Clean water brushing→cleaning agent scrubbing→clear water rinse→drying water—150-200ppm NaClO solution disinfection for 30 minutes→water rinse and drenched water (the cutting board is brushed according to the order from the surface to the side wall to the leg)

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