Sausage cable tie machine is powerful


Shijiazhuang single sausage cable tie machine This machine, the size and line universal compatibility is relatively strong, small to the USB cable to the power line, especially suitable for manufacturers with more wire types. The speed can reach 2100/hour, which is 5-6 times that of manual. Small size does not occupy the place. The workbench is designed according to the convenience of workers sitting, greatly reducing the fatigue strength of employees and improving work efficiency. This machine adopts programmable controller (PLC) control and man-machine interface control. The cruise mode can be set, and the operation can be continued without pressing the switch once, and the drawbacks of pressing the switch once every operation are eliminated. It is convenient to adjust and adjust, and it will alarm accurately and display the fault point when the equipment fails. Below, we briefly introduce the advantages of the single sausage cable tie machine:

Sausage cable tie machine
Sausage cable tie machine

Single sausage cable tie machine
1. This machine can greatly reduce the fatigue strength of employees, improve work efficiency and save cable tie;

2, the employee only needs to put the line on the reel, step on the foot switch and automatically wind the wire, the machine will automatically put the winding line to the cable tie, the machine will automatically tie the cable;

3. This machine can adjust the winding length, set the number of windings, set the length of the cable, and set the number of turns to count the output.

4. This machine adopts PLC program control, text display for parameter setting, and the operation is simple and convenient;

5, a single sausage cable tie machine is suitable for AC power cord, DC power cord, USB data cable, video cable, HDMI high-definition cable and other various types of transmission lines using the rubber core twisted into bundles.

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