Six Highlights of Food Machinery Manufacture


Food machinery has developed rapidly in China, and many leading enterprises with large scale and good benefits have emerged in the industry.Most of China's food machinery manufacturing industries can keep up with the international advanced level.However there are few machines that  have independent intellectual property rights and technological innovation.

The increasingly fierce competition has forced food machinery companies to find new development highlights to stabilize their position in the industry. Looking at the industry situation, the following six development highlights are proposed:

1. Innovation. China's food machinery manufacturing enterprises should develop new products and advanced equipment from the perspective of innovation and from the height of independent intellectual property rights, so as to truly realize the upgrading of domestic food machinery manufacturing industry. Disengaging from foreign technical support is an important step forward for China's food machinery industry.

2.Talents. Colleges and universities are less specialized in food machinery, and food machinery enterprises need to cultivate their own talents. It is the demand of the new era to cooperate with universities to host the specialty of food machinery and develop innovative talents of food machinery. Both companies and countries need talents. Industry experts are also indispensable guidance for enterprises. Only in this way, food machinery enterprises can go further .

3. Service. Food machinery belongs to the machinery industry.Nowadays, food machinery enterprises need to provide one-stop professional services. Pay attention to the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, and promote the buyer's interest status to its own development. Give small procurement enterprises support, try to cultivate the whole food industry procurement efforts.

4. Policies. A series of policies have been put forward ,which warns the food machinery manufacturers do better job .Only under the premise of the policy, the products of food machinery enterprises can be recognized by the market.

5. Low carbon. The global craze for low-carbon environmentalism has also spread to the machinery industry. The whole industry of food machinery needs to be closer to energy conservation.

6.Online marketing. Traditional promotion methods have not kept up with the pace of the electronic information age. Network promotion has become the highlight of food machinery enterprises. More professional promotion on industry websites is the best choice.

The food machinery industry is making progress every year with good development momentum.


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