The electric sausage stuffer machine exported to the Philippines

hydraulic enema machine

The sausage stuffer machine has the characteristics of large filling output and even stuffing. It can bring huge profits to sausage manufacturers. Recently, a customer from the Philippines ordered a hydraulic sausage enema machine and a wire binding machine from us.

Advantages of hydraulic enema machine

Enema is one of the most important steps when making sausages. This step directly determines the shape and size of the finished sausage. Whether it is made at home or used in commercial production, enema needs the help of a sausage stuffing machine. The industrial sausage stuffer machine uses a piston hydraulic drive to fill stuffing. This machine is suitable for filling various granular meat fillings. Moreover, it can be used to produce large, medium, and small sausages in various sizes. This sausage filling machine has three output options, 100kg/h, 300kg/h, and 500kg/h. Therefore, it is suitable for various specifications of sausage manufacturers.

Details of the sausage stuffer machine exported to the Philippines

After talking with him, we know that Filipino customers have just started to invest in sausage production. Therefore, for the first machine, he chose it online very carefully.

He considers three points:

  1. A reliable sausage making machines manufacturer

2. Good after-sales service

3. High-quality machine

After talking with our sales for more than one month, he chose to buy a 300kg/h automatic sausage stuffer machine and wire binding machine from us. After the deal, we asked the customer why he chose us as his supplier. The client explained that I really like the professional quality of your salesperson. She not only introduced me to the details of these two machines in detail. Moreover, she fully considered my current situation and recommended a suitable machine for me. And she also provided her advice for my production. The company where high-quality salesperson works is definitely a good company, so I chose you.

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