The Importance of Proper Use of Meat Smoking Oven

The end of the year has become the peak season of smoked bacon, sausages, fish, etc., especially in the southern part of China and became the homesickness . Smoked bacon is surely important, but it must also be rationally smoked to avoid nuisance and environmental pollution . More importantly, it is necessary to prevent fire safety hazards caused by improper smoking methods.

In the process of bacon production, smoking is a very important part, it has a great influence on the color and flavor of the product.The traditional firewood heating method can't make the bacon smoke evenly, and the ash may stick to the meat, which will eventually affect the taste of the bacon.The emergence of smokers has solved the drawbacks of traditional smoking.The smoking oven produced by our company not only has the function of smoking , but also has the functions of cooking, drying, baking, exhausting, cleaning, etc. It can be said that it is multifunctional.

At present, China's meat processing and smoking equipment have achieved certain achievements, but it still needs further improvement in integrated design, processing, continuous automation and intelligent application.Our company constantly learns advanced technology from abroad and has made great achievements in the meat smoking oven manufacture .

We manufacture smoking oven machinery in strictly accordance with the relevant state departments requirements to achieve environmental protection and safety first.Our machinery are sold at home and abroad, and is favored by customers. At the same time, we continue to do the research,devoting to making high-tech smoking equipment. We also delicate to improving the comprehensive performance of products and promoting the way of bacon smoked in the direction of automation, energy saving, environmental protection and safety.

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