The Increasing Demand for Meat Smoking Oven

      Model          TZ30

                    Capacity      30 kg

                    Power            4.75 kw

                    Weight          330 kg

                     Dimension   800*800*1600



The circulation system of the Meat Smoking Oven adopts a two-speed circulation fan to efficiently and reasonably distribute the air inlet, exhaust and air supply mechanisms to maximize the air circulation state inside the cabinet to ensure controllable and uniform processing of the entire tank material. Low-cost, high-efficiency output.

As for the electrical control mode, the device adopts programmable controllers and relays. The key electrical components such as solenoid valves are imported products, which are easy to operate and can automatically control the time and temperature inside the furnace. It has excellent smoking and circulation system, which can make the smoke in the furnace evenly distributed, so that the meat products are evenly colored and beautiful , which ensures the high yield of the products.It is in line with the domestic consume awareness and the state's regulations on food safety for such products.

The reciprocating grate type slag removal method adopted by the smoking oven has the advantages of feeding slag and venting.The safety of the smoker is relatively high.Equipped with intelligent automatic controller, it can automatically control water level and has auto-induction alarm.The new type of smoking oven eliminates the  fire detection hole, which does not require a water jacket to generate high pressure steam. And the pressure of the water jacket of the furnace body becomes normal pressure. The blower can be started and stopped at any time, and the oven temperature can be automatically controlled.

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