How to Use the Vacuum Packaging Machine

vacuum packing machine

There are many types of vacuum packaging machine, including small household packaging machines, and commercial medium and large packaging machines. In this question chapter, we will talk about the use of commercial vacuum packaging machine. Commercial vacuum packaging machines include desktop vacuum packaging machines, single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines. The working efficiency of the three types of vacuum packaging machines may be slightly different, but the use of vacuum packaging machines is similar.

vacuum packing machine
vacuum packing machine

vacuum packaging preparation:

1. Turn on the power supply: turn on the power switch, close the cover, check whether it is smooth, whether it will automatically jump up after letting go, check whether the vacuum pump is running normally if the upper cover cannot complete the pumping, it is likely that the power cord is connected reversely, causing the vacuum pump. The motor reverses, and any two-phase wires of the three-phase current should be exchanged at this time.

2. Choose a suitable vacuum degree. According to product packaging requirements, select the appropriate vacuum degree. The vacuum gauge is adjustable from 0 to 99.9 seconds, and the length of the pumping time can be adjusted according to the product to achieve the ideal vacuuming effect.

3. Select the heating temperature. Choose the appropriate heating temperature according to the material of the vacuum packaging bag. The heating temperature can be adjusted in three levels: high, medium, and low.

4. Select the heating time. The heating time is 0-99.9 seconds and the display is continuously adjustable. According to the packaging materials and heating temperature used, adjust the time knob to select the appropriate heating time.

The specific operation method :

5. Operation method: Put the product to be packaged into the vacuum packaging bag, place the bag mouth flatly on the heat sealing strip, close the bead, press the vacuum packaging bag, press down the cover of the equipment, and complete the entire vacuuming operate. (For inflatable packaging, at least one nozzle should be inserted into the mouth of the bag);

6. Press down the cover, the exhaust (vacuum) indicator on the panel lights up, the vacuum pump starts to pump, and the cover is automatically sucked in. The vacuum knob can adjust the vacuum level according to the packaging requirements. When adjusting, the visual scale is from low to high. , The amplitude should be small;

vacuum packing machine

7. When the pumping reaches the set time (that is, the required vacuum), the pumping is finished, the pumping indicator light goes out, and the inflation indicator light is on to indicate the start of inflation. The inflation knob can adjust the length of the inflation time (that is, the inflation How much), the method is the same as above, if you don’t need to inflate, turn the power switch to the vacuum position, the program will automatically enter the vacuum package, and the inflation indicator will go out;

8. When the air is pumped or inflated, the heat sealing indicator light is on, and the sealing procedure is entered. The temperature and time can be adjusted, and it can be set according to the thickness of the bag.

9. When the specified time and temperature are reached, the machine will automatically turn off, and it will end when the packaging bag is taken out.

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