Vacuum Tumbler Machine Production to Ensure the Safety of Meat

Tip: Vacuum Tumbler machine is a professional equipment for meat processing. In the process of production, what we need to do is to strictly follow the instructions, so as to ensure fresh and healthy meat products. Only in this way can it be recognized and supported by customers.

Vacuum Tumbler is a machine for meat processing, the processed meat is don't need to do any treatment before putting into the machine. Meat under the action of the machine start merge with some salt water, or other seasoning, and since it is under the condition of vacuum, the meat fibers is at the state of relaxing, thus will open the cells and stretch to absorb the material, until the ingredients and meat are fully combined that the best condition achieved.








Attention shall be paid to Vacuum Tumbler machine when it works, because the temperature of meat products must be kept below 12 degrees Celsius during processing. If the temperature exceeds this standard, it may cause the deterioration of meat during processing, affecting the quality and shelf life of food.

Also attention shall be paid to hygiene problems, because the meat is extremely vulnerable to bacteria, if the machine is not timely cleaned, the horse be infected by bacteria residue meat products will be polluted, causing not only production can't reach the shelf life of effectively, but also a product deterioration, even do harm for consumers.

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