Vacuum tumbler repair and precautions

Vacuum tumbler is the most commonly used mechanical equipment for meat processing enterprises. Its main function is to roll the processed meats such as beef, mutton, chicken, pork and fish in a vacuum, which can not only improve the seasoning into the meat. The speed of the product, and to maximize the moisture in the meat, can also achieve the purpose of fresh meat and high yield.

Vacuum rolling machine maintenance precautions:

1. After the vacuum tumbler is finished, open the vacuum oil water separator bottom valve switch, drain the water, remove the vacuum inhalation, and clean the vacuum pump oil water separator to ensure the vacuum pipe is unblocked.

2. The vacuum pump should stop the pump once a month to check the oil contamination. If the oil in the vacuum pump has been contaminated, it should be changed in time. Before changing the oil, the pump must be idling forward for 15 minutes. After the oil is heated, stop the pump and open the oil plug to drain the oil. Wash with some new oil or clean the pump with oil and inject new oil. Refer to "Common Faults and Maintenance Methods for Vacuum Rolling Machine Vacuum Pumps".

3. Always check the oil level of the reducer. If it is found that the oil level is lower than the height of the oil window by 1/2, the mechanical oil of No. 30 should be added in time.

4. The electric control box of the vacuum tumbler should be firmly grounded to ensure safe use of electricity.

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