Western-style chicken meatball processing technology

China's broiler chicken resources are abundant. In order to improve the economic value of chickens, we have developed deep processing and finishing of chicken meat and developed a western-style chicken meatball. The product is rich in onion, soft and nutritious, and is favored by foreign markets such as Japan and Germany.
First, the chicken meat pill production process
Raw and auxiliary materials processing → metering → mixing → forming → frying → small cooking → freezing → inspection → packaging → health inspection → refrigeration
Second, the process requirements
1 selection of raw meat. Fresh (frozen) boneless chicken and appropriate lean pork from qualified veterinary health inspections from non-epidemic areas were selected as raw meat. Since the fat content of chicken is too low, in order to improve the taste and tenderness of the product, it is necessary to mix an appropriate amount of pork with a high fat content. After thawing, the chicken meat needs to be further cleaned and the bones removed. The pork also needs to be further removed from the cartilage and fascia.
2 ingredients and seasoning. Chicken 60 kg, pork 40 kg, onion 28 kg, soy protein 2 kg, egg 3 kg, starch 6 kg, salt 1 kg, garlic 1 kg, ginger 0.5 kg, phosphate 0.15 kg, MSG 0.1 kg, white pepper 0.15 Kg, the amount of water.
3 processing of raw and auxiliary materials. Wash the fresh onion with good quality and cut into the size of rice; soy protein and water are mixed evenly with a blender; the eggs are placed in a clean container; the thawed chicken and pork are cut into strips and minced at low temperature. The processed raw and auxiliary materials are processed and used to avoid long-term storage.
4 mixing and forming. Pour the minced meat of the accurately weighed raw meat into the blender, first add the salt and the appropriate amount of water, stir well, then add the phosphate, egg, soy protein and onion and other auxiliary materials, continue to stir and mix, and finally add the starch and stir evenly. The temperature of the entire mixing process should be controlled below 4 °C. The shaping of the meatballs is carried out by a forming machine using a rotary barrel type and a molding machine with an adjustable filling amount.
5 fried and boiled. Fried chicken meatballs: The meatballs from the forming machine are then fried in a boiling oil pan to form a beautiful light brown or yellow-brown shell to fix the shape. The meatballs are properly cooled from the oil pan and cooked in a boiling water pot. Boiled chicken balls: After the meatballs are formed, they are cooked in a boiling water pot. In order to ensure the cooking and achieve the bactericidal effect, the center temperature of the product should reach 70 ° C and maintain for more than 1 minute. The boiling time should not be too long, otherwise the product will be oily and affect the flavor and taste.
6 pre-cooled and frozen. The cooked meat pellets are pre-cooled into the pre-cooling chamber, and the pre-cooling temperature is 0-4 ° C. The pre-cooling chamber air is forced to cool with a clean air machine. After pre-cooling, the frozen storage is frozen, and the temperature of the frozen storage is -23 ° C or lower, so that the temperature of the product rapidly drops below -15 ° C.
7 inspection and packaging. The sensory indicators such as product weight, shape, color and taste must be inspected. The film is packed in small bags, and then several small bags are placed in one box as required.
8 health check refrigerated. The health indicators are mainly the total number of bacteria less than 5000 / g; E. coli, negative; pathogenic bacteria, none. Qualified products are refrigerated in a refrigerator below -18 °C for a storage period of 10 months.

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