What are the characteristics of the sausage production machine?

1. The sausage machine in the sausage production machine is made of high quality food grade stainless steel, which is reliable and durable, easy to clean and meets food safety requirements.
2. Piston-type hydraulic drive, after adjusting the working pressure, under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, the material in the cylinder will be pressured and then extruded. The applicable material range is wide, especially for the dry stuffing compared with other sausage filling machines. More efficient.


3. The sausage production machine has a reasonable overall structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
The sausage product production machine is suitable for: boiled sausage, steamed sausage, raw sausage, mini sausage, steamed ham, etc. The parts have been continuously improved, redesigned with new thinking that is more hygienic, easy to clean, easy to handle and handle. Small sausage filling machine is cheap and cost-effective. The sausage filled with sausage is good-looking, suitable for all kinds of meat processing factories, various star-rated, hotels, restaurants and snack bars, canteens, workshops, markets, etc.

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