What are the common faults and repair methods of the Hydraulic Enema Machine?

The main motor cannot be started or is not working properly.

Elimination methods:

  1. Repair or replace contactors, troubleshoot wiring
  2. Replace button switch
  3. Measure the voltage and adjust the voltage to normal

Hydraulic system pressure is too low or the cylinder does not move

Elimination methods:

  1. Turn the motor to the right direction
  2. Repair or replace the oil pump
  3. Set the system pressure correctly
  4. Check the suction line and replace the seal to eliminate the leak
  5. Clean or replace the oil suction or return filter
  6. Loosen the hose at the cylinder joint and move it back and forth
  7. Replace hydraulic oil as required

Feed reducer has no action or unstable operation

Elimination methods:

  1. Check the power supply to ensure that the three phases are normal; and the phase sequence is normal
  2. Measure the voltage and adjust the voltage to normal
  3. Repair or replace contactor , and troubleshoot wiring.

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