What food items can you smoke?

Smoked food is called smoked food. Smoked is a way of preserving food, but at the same time, it can also season food. You can add some herbs in the smoking process to increase the unique fragrance, so it is liked by many people.

smoked food

 What food can be smoked

 You can smoke all kinds of meat, such as sausage, pork, duck and beef. You can also smoke some fish, such as smoked salmon. In addition, smoked tofu and eggs are also very famous. Smoked foods are beautiful. The color and luster increase appetite when eating.

smooked food

Smoked food smoking process

First, you need to use a proper amount of salt for pickling, and then after smoking, the smoking temperature is generally 50-80℃, the smoking time does not need to be too long, and different foods require different time. Generally between 2-12 hours.

What equipment is used for smoking

smoking machine

Previously, wood and some sawdust were used, but now more smoking machine are used for smoking.

Benefits of Smoking machine

smoking machine

 First, the smoker has high safety performance. The traditional method of directly using wood may cause fire. The smoker has a safety control system and is also equipped with a safety valve, which is easier to control. Second, it does not pollute the environment and smoke. The smoker has less smoke, no black smoke, and the heating speed is very fast, which shortens the smoking time. Thirdly, the color of the product produced by the smoker is more uniform and the color is human. At the same time, it can also save raw materials.

Vacuum packaging

 Storage of smoked products

Vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging can protect the meat from environmental pollution and bacteria, and it can also place video oxidation to protect the color of the product.·Some people choose to hang it directly, but the storage time is not that long. If conditions permit, it is best to refrigerate or vacuum packaging.

Intelligent fish smoking machine for sale

Industrial fish drying machine for sale

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