What Is a Meat Saline Injection Machine ?

Saline Injection Machine injects the salt water into the meat to be fully pickled, and the meat piece injected into the prepared aqueous solution can tenderize and soften the meat, improving the taste and yield of the meat product.

Saline Injection Machine injects salt water, starch, soy protein and auxiliary materials into the meat to fully pickle. With advanced technology, the spice is injected into the meat through the injection needle , so that the meat is evenly salted in the automatic saline injection machine , increasing flavor and maintaining meat nutrition . According to different process requirements, the stepping speed, the stepping distance, the pressure plate gap and the injection pressure can be adjusted to uniformly and continuously inject the pickling liquid into the meat to achieve the most ideal effect.

The machine adopts stainless steel material with reasonable design, strict structure, convenient operation cleaning, hygienic, high automatic protection device. When the injection needle hits the hard object, the injection needle is lifted up without damage.

The salt water injection machine is divided into a mechanical saline injection machine and a pneumatic injection machine according to its different power. Some salt water injection machines are equipped with a frequency conversion function according to the process requirements. The application of the saline injection machine is more perfect in the field of meat processing.



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