What is the working principle of a raisin dryer


The drying machine is mainly to remove the moisture in the items, thereby making them dry, which is conducive to the storage and use of food. The items we often use for drying are fruits, vegetables, Chinese medicine, flowers, and some fish and shrimp. In the dryer, these things can be dried quickly and efficiently. There are three main heating methods of the dryer: electric heating, gas heating, and air heating. So what is the specific heating principle?

The drying principle of the dryer

The raw materials that need to be dried are sent to the drying box. The materials are in full contact with the hot air in the drying machine. By turning the moisture in the materials into water vapor, when the water vapor in the dryer is too much, there will be dehumidification above the machine. To ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the dryer maintain a certain value. For a period of time, the moisture of the material will be dried. At this point, the entire drying process is completed.

food dryer
food dryer

The dryer features of the drying machine

1. Small investment, fast-drying speed, and high evaporation intensity.

2. High efficiency, large output, and good product quality.

3.The size of the drying box is various, you can choose

Frequently asked questions about dryers

drying machine
a drying machine

1. How big is the minimum output dryer?


2. What is the drying temperature?

Generally around 45 degrees, there is a control station, which can adjust the drying temperature according to the moisture content of the raw materials.

3. The way of drying

Electric heating drying, gas heating, air heating

4. How long is the general drying time?

Under normal circumstances, drying for 8 hours, of course, you can adjust the time according to your own needs

5. How thick is the fruit slice?

Generally 3-5 mm

Electric heating power: 9kw Axial fan: 0.75kw. Moisture exhaust fan 0.55kw

7. Precautions for heating

The moisture content of the material determines the specific drying time

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