What is the secret to good meatball?

Meatballs are a favorite food of many people. The ingredients added in each region are different, so the recipes in each region are also different, but if you want a delicious meatball, you must dilute the following light:


Ways to make delicious meatballs

First of all, the meat must be fresh,Meatballs made from fresh meat have a more delicious texture. So,when choosing meat, adding a little fat to it will enhance the taste of the meatballs.In addition, In addition ,the salt is added before the crushing treatment. The purpose of the destruction is that the salt can bring the stickiness of the meat. and with the expansion of the meat, the meatballs can be formed and the formed pieces are good-looking. This is the secret of the meatballs becoming smooth and tender. Finally, adding eggs can increase the elasticity of the meatballs. I believe that through the above points, delicious meatballs can be made.

What are the ways to make meatballs

You can make it by hand at home

If it is eaten by a few people, you can squeeze the meatballs by hand. Of course, this process is very troublesome, so it is not often made at home. However most of them choose to go to the supermarket to buy semi-finished products, or to order a meal in a restaurant.


The advantage of the machine production method is that the efficiency is very high, and it can be industrialized. The meatball production machine is more suitable for food processing manufacturers, or large canteens, restaurants, etc.and We can provide high quality meatball machine

meatball machine
meatball machine

Advantages of machine production

1.The size of the meatballs is uniform,and the appearance is more beautiful, and 2.the meatballs produced are more smooth and tender

3.High efficiency, capable of mass production of meatballs

4.High degree of intelligence, saving labor

5.The machine is made of stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic

6.Can make heart-packed balls with richer taste

Meatball Making Machine

frozen & fresh meat dicing machine

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