Why Choose Our Vacuum Tumbler Machine?







Model Volume Capacity Power Voltage Size Weight
TZ-50 50 L 20 kg 0.75 kw 380 V 906*400*808 mm 150 kg
TZ -300 300 L 240 kg 1.5 kw 380 V 1760*1016*1650 mm 790 kg
TZ-600 600 L 500 kg 3 kw 380 V 2100*1116*1650 mm 901 kg
TZ-800 800 L 650 kg 4 kw 380 V 2250*1220*1750 mm 1100 kg
TZ-1000 1000 L 800 kg 5.5 kw 380 V 2360*1420*1850 mm 1250 kg

A vacuum tumbler is a physical process of energy conversion in a piece of meat.


  • Improve the extraction of salt-soluble protein, so that the marinade is evenly distributed in the meat and fully absorbed;
  • Enhance the binding force of the meat;
  • Improve the elasticity of the product;
  • Improve the slice ability of the product, prevent breakage during slicing;
  • Increase water retention and increase yield;
  • Increase product tenderness and structural stability;
  • Vacuum suction, reverse discharge, and breathing tumbling make the raw materials alternately in vacuum and normal pressure during rolling, which can effectively shorten the rolling time.


In addition to the characteristics of lung respiration function, our vacuum tumbler also has high technology, etc., so that the number of revolutions of the tumbler is adjusted according to the process, making the machine safer, more convenient, more energy-efficient and more efficient.The  vacuum tumbler machine is made of stainless steel and has a very compact structure. Both ends of the drum adopt a spinning type cap structure, which maximizes the beating space in the drum, which makes the rolling product have uniform effect, low noise, reliable performance and high efficiency. .

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