Why do eggs need to be cleaned?

clean eggs

Eggs are rich in protein. In addition, they also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are an important source of nutrients for a balanced diet. Most of the eggs in the egg cartons seen in the supermarket are clean, which are all cleaned eggs. Some eggs are not only clean, but also sterilized by ultraviolet rays, and then put a layer of preservation oil on the eggs to prevent germs from invading again and extend the shelf life of eggs. We have designed a fully automatic egg cleaning line for cleaning processed eggs.

clean eggs

The misunderstanding of picking eggs

Some writers would think that the egg table is very dirty, which means that the eggs have just been taken out of the chicken coop and are the freshest eggs. In fact, this is inaccurate. Dirty eggs on the surface not only do not mean they are fresher, but also increase the risk of bacterial infection.

Why dirty eggs are not safe

dirty eggs
dirty eggs dirty eggs

After investigation and research, the surface of freshly produced eggs will be contaminated with chicken manure, feather dust, and other pollutants. During transportation, secondary pollution may also occur, resulting in unhygienic eggshells. Viruses such as Salmonella and avian flu may also spread through the residue on the surface of the eggshell. If you put these eggs directly in the refrigerator, they will carry bacteria to contaminate other foods.

How to keep eggs clean and hygienic

clean eggs
washing eggs

At present, many countries have stipulated that eggs need to be cleaned before entering the market. For example, the United States stipulates that only clean eggs are allowed to enter the market. South Korea stipulates that "eggs need to pass through 8 passes" before they can enter the market, that is, cleaning, ultraviolet sterilization, oiling, and other processes, as well as coding functions. Clean the eggs to make nutritious eating more assured.

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