Chili sauce jacketed pot with mixer

This chili sauce jacketed pot is used for stirring and heating during pepper processing, which is very convenient. Commonly used to fry various sauces, such as chili sauce, mushroom sauce, pork sauce, beef sauce, barbecue sauce, ketchup, apple sauce, chocolate sauce, etc.

Chili sauce jacketed pot
Chili Sauce Jacketed Pot

The use of chili sauce jacketed pot

A chili sauce sandwich pot can make chili sauce and tomato sauce. In addition, it can also be used to fry more products. It can fry hot pot base, boil soup, melt sugar, stir-fry, fry, etc. These jacketed kettles are used in school canteens, staff canteens, and food processing factories.

Jacketed kettles
Jacketed Kettles

Features of steam-jacketed kettles

​​1. Rapid heating and easy adjustment of firepower;

2. Good thermal insulation performance. The chili sauce jacketed pot adopts three layers of heat preservation.

​3. Accurate temperature control and temperature display, you can set the heating temperature and heating time, and automatically stop and alarm when the time or temperature is reached.

4. Using stirring and heating, the processed food is not easy to stick to the pan, and does not form hard blocks or coke; it is very easy to clean;

Jacketed pot
Jacketed Pot

5. The installation and operation are simple, the space is small, and the supporting cast can be greatly reduced;

​​6. Can significantly improve the working environment and health conditions;

​​7. Made of stainless steel, fully automatic control, simple maintenance, long service life;

​​8. Safety in use: The electromagnetic heating equipment adopts induction heating, with no open flame, no explosion, and no fire danger.

​9. The sauce frying pan automatically turns the pan and pours the material automatically, which is very convenient and practical! The multi-head stirring wok is especially suitable for frying chili sauce and hot pot base.

Two types of jacketed pots

Pourable: The pourable chili sauce jacketed pot is more convenient and can be automatically discharged.

Jacketed pot
Jacketed Pot

Unpourable: If the model of the jacketed pot is more than 500L, the design of the chili sauce jacketed pot has changed the discharge method, and the material can be discharged from the bottom of the jacketed pot, which is safer.

Chili sauce jacketed pot
Steam Jacketed Kettles
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