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                      Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd mainly engaged in meat processing machinery. Since the establishment of the company, we have focused on the research, production and sales of meat processing machinery. Our main products are meat cutting machine, meat flavoring machine, bone processing machine,ect. Also,we supply sausage and meatball processing line for big food processing plant. At present, our food machinery has been exported to many countries and regions in the world. And, it is widely praised by customers.

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07 2021-06
Can a meat slicer cut frozen meat?

Generally, during the freezing process of meat, the temperature is very low and may reach -18°C. If such raw materials are cut directly, it will definitely damage the blade, then we can defrost it slightly, and wait until the temperature reaches the range of 0°C—-7°C. During the processing and production process, the meat slicer will not be damaged, and the meat will not deteriorate.

22 2021-05
Provide automatic fish scale remover machine

The automatic fish scale remover machine efficiently and quickly helps to remove the scales and solves the difficulty of removing the scales in large quantities

14 2021-05
How about fish fillet machine for salmon

Fish fillet machine for salmon can quickly cut salmon into slices to ensure the freshness and taste of the fish. The machine can cut boneless meat and slightly frozen meat. Using this salmon slicer can not only get fish fillets with the same thickness, but also save labor costs.

21 2021-01
Commercial fish drying machine running in Philippines

A Philippines customer ordered a stainless steel tray-type fish drying machine for drying fish. The machine is controlled by the intelligent control panel to control the drying time and temperature.


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