The chicken bone and meat separator are used to extract and utilize the meat remaining on the bones, and the bone and meat separator can improve the utilization rate of the meat. reduce manufacturing costs. Generally speaking, the extraction rate of meat is about 70%-80%. The machine is widely used in food processing plants, poultry farms, large restaurants, etc.

Application of chicken meat and bone separator

The chicken bone and meat separator can process the chicken skeleton to obtain meat puree and meat residue. Meat puree can be used to make meat, meat patties, meatballs, sausages, and other foods, and bone residue will be produced after two external processing. Bone residue can also be used. The bones are rich in nutrients and can be used to make a bone meal or animal feed.

Machine principle of poultry deboner

The working principle of the chicken bone separator is to use the plasticity of chicken and other poultry meat, which can smoothly pass through extremely small pores, while the bone texture is relatively hard and does not have plasticity. The machine separates the flesh and bones through the steps of advancing, crushing, squeezing, sieving, and filtering the materials. There will be no bone residue and skeleton remaining in the meat slurry after the separation of the flesh and the bone.

The scope of application of chicken bone and meat separator

The Bone and Meat Separator is suitable for the mechanical deboning of poultry and small animal skeletons, and for extracting minced meat. The produced minced meat can be used to make meat products such as sausages, meat patties, meatballs, dumplings, etc., and the broken bones can be used as a soup base. While improving work efficiency, greatly improve the benefits of low-value flesh and blood.

Chicken bone and meat separator advantage:

Chicken bone and meat separator
Chicken Bone And Meat Separator

In the extraction process of minced meat, all are rapidly separated and extracted at medium and low temperatures, so the heating range is small, which can ensure the quality of the product. The equipment is easy to disassemble and assemble and has reliable working performance. The quality of the meat puree produced is good, the damage to the fibrous tissue of the meat is relatively light, and there is absolutely no bone residue in the meat. Easy adjustment and cleaning, stable working performance, good separation effect, and high meat yield.

Chicken deboning machine parameters

Motor (KW)5.5
Rated voltage (V)380/50Hz
meat yield70%
Efficiency (kg/H)300kg
Machine weight (Kg)500
Dimensions of the host (mm)1450x650x1250
chicken deboning machine parameters

The parameters of the machine include data such as voltage output, among which the output of this machine is about 300kg/h, which can meet the needs of processing and production. And the meat extraction rate from chicken bones is about 70%, but the processed raw materials are different, and the meat extraction rate is also different. The more meat in the raw material, the higher the extraction rate.

Chicken bone and meat separator test
Chicken Bone And Meat Separator Test

How to use the chicken bone and meat separation machine?

The main function of this machine is to carry out the preliminary processing of meat. If you want to directly produce meatballs, you can add a meatball-making machine to make meatballs. If you want meatloaf, add raw materials and stir, or you can add a mixer afterward. And If the product needs to be fried, you need a fryer. In general, the machine is an assistant in the meat processing process, mainly to help increase the utilization rate of meat and reduce production costs.

Factory of bone and meat separator
Factory Of Bone And Meat Separator

Features of chicken deboning machine

1. This machine has the advantages of energy-saving, durability, convenience and fast, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning, and maintenance, safety, and sanitation, etc.

2. Adopting fully enclosed gear transmission, compact mechanism, stable operation, chicken bone, and meat separator, reliable work, and convenient maintenance.

3. The machine head and food-contact parts are made of high-grade stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free.

4. The casing has smooth lines, no gaps that can hide dirt, and sharp edges that do not harm the operator. The type of chicken bone and meat separator is easy to clean.

Video of chicken bone and meat separator

Chicken bone and meat separator
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