The bone grinder machine is a special improved equipment on the basis of the colloid mill. It is mainly used to grind the water of broken bones into slurry, and mud, and grind to a fineness of 100-200 mesh. The material is ultra-finely pulverized, which can pulverize, emulsify, homogenize, and mix various semi-wet bodies and emulsion substances. The main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

What raw materials can the bone grinder machine process?

Raw materials of the bone grinder
raw materials of the bone grinder

The bone grinder machine can grind all kinds of bones, mainly all kinds of beef bones, lamb bones, fish bones, chicken bones, etc. For grinding, if the bones and meat are too large, such as large pieces of beef bones, pig bones, etc., it needs to be broken first, and the bones Broken into granules, this can not only improve work efficiency but also protect the machine from damage to the tool due to excessive bone.

Application of bone grinder machine

According to the composition and characteristics of animal bones, it adopts a special crushing principle to make bone mud. Animal bones contain many nutrients such as protein and fat. It is a high-nutrient, low-calorie product. A bone meal and a bone paste made from animal bones contain many nutrients needed by the human body. Such as protein, fat, vitamins, collagen, calcium, etc. At present, bone paste is mainly used as a food additive or directly used to produce seasonings. Bone paste has been widely used in Europe, Japan, the United States, and other countries to make meatballs, meatloaf, meat floss enema, and other products. In China, bone paste is also widely used in high-temperature meat products, canned food, and other foods and can also use to make soup.

Bone grinder machine parameters

  • Model: TZ-80  Bone pasting machine
  • Processing fineness: 2-50μm
  • Output: 50-100kg/h
  • Power: 4kw
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Dimensions: 600*410*930mm

Bone grinder machine working principle

If your raw material is large bones, you need a bone crusher machine to crush the large bones into uniform granular bone powder first. Then grind the small particles into a paste with the bone meat grinder machine. It will reduce the damage of the hard bones to the grinding teeth of the bone grinder machine.

Beef bone paste grinding
beef bone paste grinding

The meat and bone grinder grinds materials through the high-speed movement of stators and rotors of different geometric shapes. When the stator and rotor move at high speeds, it will generate several compound forces such as high-frequency vibration, high-speed vortex, and shear force. Under the action of these combined forces, the machine grinds the material and makes the material refined. Taizy’s Bone grinder machine adopts refined processing. There are three grinding zones in the machine crushing chamber. The three grinding zones are the coarse grinding zone, fine grinding zone, and superfine grinding zone. Through these three grinding zones, it will achieve the greatest extent of breaking and meet the requirements of fineness and smoothness.

Fish and beef bone paste grinding machine characteristics

  1. The bone grinding machine has vertical, horizontal, split, and other specifications, and the machine has a variety of outputs.
  2. The machine is mainly composed of a cover, grinding head, adjustment handle, cooling mechanism, motor, and other parts. Its main parts adopt food-grade stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, safe, and efficient.
  3. This machine can be used not only to make a bone paste but also to make peanut butter, chili sauce, soy milk, and other food industries. It is also widely applied in daily necessities, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other industries. According to the different characteristics of materials, you can choose machines of different specifications and models for production.
  4. The bone grinder machine has the characteristics of a compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, and convenient operation.
  5. The bone paste produced by this machine is an ideal fine material. And it can control the grinding fineness by adjusting the adjustment handle and increasing the number of grinding.
  6. The grinding disc of the bone mud grinding machine is strengthened to make it have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Precautions of fish and beef bone paste grinding machine

Bone grinder machine
bone grinder machine
  1. You should install the bone paste grinding machine on level ground to ensure smooth operation.
  2. The machine intelligently performs wet processing and it cannot process dry solid materials.
  3. Before using the machine for grinding, check whether the screws of each part of the machine are tightened. And check whether the rotor contacts with the stator, and whether it is stuck.
  4.  Check whether there are any impurities inside the hopper and the machine. When placing materials, you should control the material within 1mm. And it is strictly prohibited to put iron and hard particles into the machine.
  5. Connect the power supply and check whether the direction of rotation of the rotor is consistent with the arrow on the base.
  6. After starting the motor, check whether there are abnormalities such as noise.

How to adjust the bone grinder machine gap?

Beef bone paste grinding machine
beef bone paste grinding machine

It maybe has a different requirement for the fineness of the ground bone paste for different customers. So how do adjust the bone grinder machine to obtain the desired fineness? You can adjust the adjustment handle to adjust the fineness of the ground bone mud. Rotate the adjustment handle clockwise, and the gap between the stator and the rotor becomes smaller. And the fineness of the grinding becomes finer. When adjusting the handle, turn the adjustment handle clockwise. When you feel a little friction, turn it in the opposite direction so that the gap between the grinding heads is greater than 0. After adjusting the fineness, tighten the handle on the adjustment ring. To meet the requirements of processing fineness, make the gap between the grinding discs as large as possible. This can increase the service life of the grinding head.

Customer case of bone grinding machine

bone grinding machine

We recently shipped the bone crusher and bone grinder and delivered them to the customer. The customer needs to process pet food. The raw material used is pork bone, but the bone is relatively large, so it needs to be broken first, and then ground. The bones are added to pet food, which can not only increase the aroma of pet food but also provide rich nutrition.

Video of bone grinding machine

bone grinding machine
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