Electric steam jacketed kettle

Electric steam jacketed kettle delivered to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The electric steam-jacketed kettle has moved to a restaurant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Electric heating pots are often used in…

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New zealand egg grader

New Zealand chicken farm customer needs egg grader

This New Zealand customer needs an egg grader. The New Zealand customer has a chicken farm and needs to grade…

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Meat processing machine packing and shipping

US meat factory buys meat processing machine

This is one of our more important customers, who are currently purchasing meat processing machines in batches. Because the customer…

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Jacketed kettle with stirring

Democratic Congo customer purchases a jacketed kettle with stirring

The jacketed kettle with stirring can be stirred independently during heating, saving labor and heating evenly. To heat the material…

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Egg grader machine

Egg Grader machine Sales to Bolivia

The egg grader machine was sold to Bolivia. The egg grading machine can divide the eggs into different grades according…

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Chicken-cutting machine

Indonesian customers buy our chicken-cutting machine three times

A chicken cutting machine is a machine that uses a machine to cut chicken. This machine can cut chicken bones…

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Barbecue skewer machine

2022 Export barbecue skewer machine to the United States

Barbecue is very delicious, and it is also a very good choice for outdoor activities. Barbecue is delicious, but it…

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Vacuum packaging machines

Two vacuum packaging machines shipped to Canada

In May 2022, we signed a contract with a Canadian customer, who customized two vacuum packaging machines, which can package…

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Frozen beef slicing machine

Automatic frozen beef slicing machine shipped to Vietnam

Taizy recently exported a batch of meat machines to Vietnam. The customer started to only send inquiries about the automatic…

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