Good Quality Meat Food Stuffing Mixer

Advantages of Meat Stuffing Mixer

1.Full automation Meat Stuffing Mixer: high degree of automation, accurate quantity, small internal pressure, unified product size, adjustable at random, and one person can operate;

2. Advanced design: The advanced conveying surface and filling system fully protect the surface's sturdiness, making the filling smoother and more uniform.No matter which filling method can make the product forming effect better;

3.Reasonable structure: independent motor drives.It is not easy to cause joint failure, and it is convenient for maintenance, disassembly and cleaning;

4. High efficiency: work efficiency is equivalent to 10-20 workers at the same time manual filling, real low investment, high efficiency, saving investment;

5, Beautiful and durable: the body is light, the footprint is small, the movement is convenient, the main parts are made of stainless steel,and the appearance is beautiful;

6.Simple operation: the mixing machine is controlled by high-quality microcomputer, the control is accurate and reliable, and it can be operated freely in 5 minutes;

7.High yield: Meat Stuffing Mixer adopts cutting principle. After the food is formed, it is conveyed by the conveyor belt to reduce the damage or deformation when the product is dropped.


  ModelSize (mm)Weight (kg)Power (kw)Output
TZ 501000*360*1050180330kg/time
TZ 1001000*730*11002804.470kg/time
TZ 1501300*730*12003004.4100kg/time
TZ 2001700*730*13003404.4150kg/time
TZ 3502100*730*14503806250kg/time

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