The vacuum meat mixer is a machine that mixes meat and other condiments. The machine mixes the materials in a full-air environment, and the meat is more flavorful.

It does not need to be marinated for a long time but only needs to be fully mixed. It is widely used in food processing. The operation is simple, the forward and reverse rotation of the blade can be adjusted, and the material is automatically discharged, saving labor.

Video of meat stuffing mixer

meat mixer machine

Advantages of meat food stuffing mixer

  1. Full automation Meat Stuffing Mixer: high degree of automation, accurate quantity, small internal pressure, unified product size, adjustable at random, and one person can operate.
  2. Advanced design: The advanced conveying surface and filling system fully protect the surface’s sturdiness, making the filling smoother and more uniform.No matter which filling method can make the product forming effect better.
  3. Reasonable structure: independent motor drives. It is not easy to cause joint failure, and it is convenient for maintenance, disassembly, and cleaning.
  4. High efficiency: work efficiency is equivalent to 10-20 workers at the same time manual filling, real low investment, high efficiency, saving investment.
  5. Beautiful and durable: the body is light, the footprint is small, the movement is convenient, the main parts are made of stainless steel, and the appearance is beautiful.
  6. Simple operation: the meat mixing machine is controlled by a high-quality microcomputer, the control is accurate and reliable, and it can be operated freely in 5 minutes.
  7. High yield: vacuum meat mixer adopts cutting principle. After the food is formed, it is conveyed by the conveyor belt to reduce the damage or deformation when the product is dropped.

Vacuum meat mixer specification

ModelSize (mm)Weight (kg)Power (kW)Output
TZ 501000*360*1050180330kg/time
TZ 1001000*730*11002804.470kg/time
TZ 1501300*730*12003004.4100kg/time
TZ 2001700*730*13003404.4150kg/time
TZ 3502100*730*14503806250kg/time
vacuum meat mixer

Our meat mixing machine has 5 different models, the smallest model TZ 50 has an output of 30kg/time. The largest model is 250kg/time, you can choose the machine according to your own production needs when you make a purchase. The weight of the machine has become larger and the model number has been increasing. The maximum weight is 380kg.

Vacuum meat mixer
Vacuum Meat Mixer

Vacuum meat mixer details

It adopts a parallel double-periphery structure and inclined plate blades. The materials are turned 360° in the hopper, and the mixing is more uniform. Long-term stirring allows the meat and condiments to be completely integrated, and the taste is more delicious.


Scope of application of vacuum meat mixer

The meat mixing machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used to make meat patties, sausages, meatballs, dumplings, etc. The main function is to stir the meat. During the processing of sausages or meat patties, seasonings such as oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar are added to the meat filling, and sometimes water is added according to the recipe to make the meat filling juicier, or some starch is added to keep the meat filling It is flexible and will not spread out during frying.

Scope of application of vacuum meat mixer
Scope Of Application Of Vacuum Meat Mixer

The raw material of the vacuum mixer

The raw material of the vacuum meat mixer machine is the meat that has been prepared, and then different ingredients are added. If the whole piece of meat is purchased, it can be processed with a meat grinder. Then use a vacuum blender for processing. You can also add some vegetables in the blender, but the vegetables should be diced and mixed for stirring.

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