The barbecue meat skewers machine is a machine that can automatically skew meat. It can skew beef, lamb, chicken skewers, chicken skewers, chicken heart skewers, squid skewers, fish tofu, kelp, and it is not restricted by ingredients. BBQ meat skewer machines can automatically skewers, which is convenient Hygienic, suitable for restaurants and food processing plants.

Why use BBQ meat skewer machine

Bbq meat skewer machine
Bbq Meat Skewer Machine

Why use a skewer machine? You can also skewer by hand. However, long-term experience tells us that skewering is a headache in the food processing process. The first is the speed issue. Some meat fibers It is relatively close, and it is difficult to penetrate with bamboo sticks, resulting in slower speed. In addition, there is also a hygiene problem. Because the hand-worn skewers are in close contact with the meat, it will be very unhygienic. The most important thing is safety. We all know that meat has a shelf life. If it is left outdoors at room temperature for a long time, it will cause the meat to deteriorate, especially in the hot summer. The stringing machine is highly efficient, clean, and hygienic, helping to solve a series of problems in the production process

Ingredients that can be processed by the kebab making machine

Bbq meat skewer machine 2
Bbq Meat Skewer Machine

The stringing machine has no special requirements for processed food materials and has strong applicability. You can wear beef and lamb, chicken hearts, vegetables, seafood, etc. Both can be selected as the raw materials for processing, so there are no particular restrictions on the raw materials for processing, and you can match them as you like. Each region has favorite and different barbecue ingredients such as lamb and some seafood, which are widely loved.

Advantages of meat stringing machine

This stringing machine can be processed continuously and has a large output, which is especially suitable for large fish restaurants and video processing factories. The stringing machine is safe and hygienic, especially the part that is in contact with food, and the mold material is made of PE material. Save labor costs, save costs for production and processing, and increase profitability.

Kebab making machine
Kebab Making Machine

BBQ meat skewer machine parameters

Voltage: AC110V~220V/50~60 HZ

Power: 25W

Capacity: 1800-2000 skewers/h
Air compressor pressure: 0.6mpa

Tag length: 6~45cm
Tag diameter: 2~5mm

Signs: wooden skewers, bamboo skewers, steel drills
Net weight: 50KG

Size: 200*50*40 cm

Raw material preparation

Before using the BBQ Meat Skewer Machine, the selection will be carried out in advance, such as cutting into suitable meat pieces. If the output is relatively large, it can be processed by dicer to form a complete production chain.

Kebab making machine
Kebab Making Machine

Video of BBQ meat skewer machine

skewer machine


What is the temperature range of the raw material?

Fresh meat or slightly frozen meat can be within -10℃

Does BBQ Meat Skewer Machine need an air compressor?


Is it okay to wear meatballs and sausages

Yes, you can also wear some vegetables

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